Darlington for Intermediaries

How to register with this lender as a new user

All you need to do is simply register for the service on the Darlington Building Society Intermediary website. Once your registration has been approved by the Society, you will be provided with full access to the online service.

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

Please select Legal & General Mortgage Club for every application that you submit.

How to contact this lender

Visit our dedicated intermediary website.  Here you will find all the necessary information for dealing with us including our helpful Toolbox which has up to date information on products, lending criteria, individual contact details and how to make an online application. Our online portal allows you to efficiently produce a decision in principle / KFI and apply for a mortgage via our website. Our dedicated team of approachable mortgage experts will still be on hand to help you with any queries you may have anytime from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on a Saturday.

Telephone: 01325 741004 / Email: intermediaries@darlington.co.uk

We are an independent building society that strives to create a feeling of pride amongst our staff, our members and our local communities through the work we do. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, expertise, physical and online resources for mutual benefit which helps our focus of remaining a regional building society dedicated to making a genuine difference to the communities we serve.

What makes us different?

At DBS we take a personal approach to mortgage underwriting which means we assess each individual case personally rather than using an automated credit scoring system. You can always contact us personally and there will of course be situations where we can’t help but it is always worth the call and we will try our best.  It may be something which is slightly outside our lending criteria but because we review each case individually we would be happy to consider it.

We will also consider:

  • Joint Borrower/sole proprietor – residential/BTL
  • 4 Incomes and 4 applicants on an application
  • Individuals paid in foreign currency up to a maximum of 75% loan to value (specific currencies apply), able to proceed with 1 UK resident and 1 non-UK resident.
  • Mortgages for later life lending, providing the loan does not extend beyond their 86th birthday and will take into consideration both occupational and state pension.
  • Buy to Let lending where the portfolio is 4 mortgaged properties or fewer per person.
  • Buy To Let on interest only up repaid before their 86th birthday (Max LTV 70%).
  • Right to Buy mortgages subject to a minimum valuation of £60,000 with a maximum loan to value of 80%.  Full discount acceptable.
  • Maintenance court order and non-court ordered
  • Some state benefits (e.g. DLA, working and child tax credits).
  • Interest only up to 70% LTV.
  • Self Employed with 2 years accounts and projections.
  • Fixed term contracts if regular work has been undertaken.
  • Help to Buy mortgages England & Wales
  • Day 1 Remortgage both residential/BTL.

Our Products

  • We have a range of Discount and Fixed Rate mortgages up to 90% LTV (up to 95%in our local operating area - DL, TS, DH, YO, HG, SR. 

Submitting an application

By using our online mortgage portal you can:

  • Receive an instant decision on your clients' eligibility to apply for a mortgage
  • Produce a Decision in Principle (DIP)
  • Complete and submit an online mortgage application
  • Send completed application form and scanned supporting documents to us online

Minimum Documents required

  • Signed Declaration.
  • Income Proofs (Pensions Statements/letters, 3 months’ payslips/SA302 and Tax Overview).
  • 3 months Bank Statements for all accounts.
  • Completed Direct Debit Form
  • Identification for all applicants (Passport/Driving License)

All you need to do is simply register for the service. Once your registration has been approved by the Society, you will be provided with full access to the online service. 

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