How to register with this lender as a new user

Visit Kensington and complete the online form.  When registering you’ll be asked which Mortgage Club you’ll want to use. You will need to state “Legal & General Mortgage Club”.

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

Log In to the online portal and click 'Admin' then 'You’re Profile' in the navigation bar. Select 'Change preferred Mortgage Club' and scroll down the list provided  - you should select” Legal & General Mortgage Club “ from this list to update your profile.

How to contact this lender

For more details please call 0800 111 020 or visit the Kensington website.

What makes us different

Kensington mortgages are designed with real people in mind. We understand that everyone is different and some people may not fit the mould when it comes to mortgage applications, which is why we take an intelligent approach and offer products to meet a range of different circumstances.

When you submit an application to us you can be sure it will be dealt with by one department that's dedicated to deliver robust decisions and process your case efficiently and accurately.

All applications are assessed by an underwriter when they are first submitted, so you know from the outset what information will be required for the case to proceed to offer. All of our underwriters work in mini teams with two new business administrators, which means the people who answer the phones are never far from the key decision makers.

It all adds up to a better proposition for you, so take a look at how our intelligent approach to lending can support you in growing your business.

Why you should consider Kensington

  • No credit score - decision made on a customer's circumstances.
  • Self employed lending with one year's accounts.
  • Will consider up to 50% of bonus, commission and other declarable income.

Our products

We have products for the following types of customer:

  • Self-employed.
  • Contract workers. 
  • Workers receiving bonus commission.
  • Applicants with investment income.
  • Applicants with previous minor credit problems - now up to date.
  • Applicants with limited credit history.

Submitting an application

Doing business with us is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Register online at, using details of your business including your FSA number.

2. Once registered, make sure you select Legal & General Mortgage as your chosen Mortgage Club. Click on the 'Admin' tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and then 'Your profile'. Finally, select 'Change preferred Mortgage Club and choose Legal & General'.

3. You're now ready to find the right products for your clients, produce KFIs, obtain DIPs and submit applications. 

Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
Buy to Let0.500%0.400%
Flexible Fixed for Term0.750%0.700%
Product Switches0.300%0.270%