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Contact us on 0204 4525 7754 or where one of the team will be happy to assist you.

Who we are

At LiveMore, we bring a ‘can-do’ approach to lending.

We welcome all kinds of income including pensions, rental income and more, as well as a huge range of property types.

We offer a broad range of products for ages 50-90+, we’ll lend up to 85% LTV and we offer the widest range of fixed rates in the later life market.

Let’s work together to say yes to your 50-90+ clients.

What we do

Why choose us:

  • All incomes welcome - To give you maximum borrowing power
  • Wide range of products - Including interest only, capital repayment & equity release
  • Can-do approach - We promise you premium service from real people who care about not-your-average cases

What type of clients can we help:

We can help in all cases when your client is aged 50-90+, but here are some of the scenarios we see often.

  • End of term – sometimes called mortgage prisoners.
  • Debt consolidation – reducing existing monthly payments and increasing disposable income.
  • Bank of Mum and Dad – helping children or grandchildren to get on the housing ladder, pay off student loans, etc.
  • Purchasing a home – it could be their dream home or a second home.
  • Home improvements – updating their existing property with fund freed up by our mortgages.
  • Inheritance Tax – using / gifting the proceeds of a mortgage to reduce the amount of family tax that might be due in the future.

Real cases we have solved in the past:

  • 92-year-old gets mortgage for dream penthouse
  • Self-employed 58-year-old remortgages despite covid cutting income
  • 60-year-old with 5 income sources remortgages

We have lots of fantastic case studies on our website, check them out here:

Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
All products0.550%0.500%
Ongoing Care Fee0.130%0.125%

Attractive proc fee options

Choose from

Ongoing Proc Fee of 0.55% gross upfront plus an additional 0.13% gross every year thereafter for up to 15years (based on completion of an annual customer care call)

Enhanced Proc Fee available on our 20year and Fixed for Life products of 1.10% gross upfront. (based on completion of annual customer care call)