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Alex Moffat Business Development Manager East Scotland 07967 383869

Douglas Sharpe Business Development Manager North Scotland 07773 035072

Nigel Hammonds Business Development Manager West Scotland 07917 640956


Helen Merrey Business Development Manager North of England 07769 348320



Who we are

Here at The Scottish Building Society we are proud to say that we work very closely with the Scottish broker community and with our flexible underwriting and knowledgeable and experienced BDM team we feel that we can add tremendous value to Legal and General Mortgage Club.

We have four BDMs supporting Scotland and with our product offering which includes everything from RIO to Self-Build. Specialist Entrepreneur / Self Employed to New Build and shared equity we have the ability to help with almost any complex scenario.

What we do

Our goal is to have a deep understanding of the intermediary businesses we work with and to shape our products and customers solutions around our brokers and their requirements. And with a NPS of + 82.1 brokers value our flexible approach.

We do only lend in Scotland however we would be delighted help and introducers UK wide who have any funding requirements for their Scottish customers.

  • No credit score
  • Impaired credit
  • Complex self employed /1 years accounts
  • Guarantor
  • New build to 90%/ 95% for professionals
  • Ex pat / foreign currency
  • RIO
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All products0.42% (max £4,000)0.41% (max £3,950)