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How to register with this lender as a new user

Please complete the Intermediary Registration Form available at: https://swansea-bs.co.uk/broker-zone/broker-resources and send it to the local mortgage manager who covers the area you are located in (not where the property is located) - https://swansea-bs.co.uk/broker-zone/meet-mortgage-managers


How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

Please detail Legal & General Mortgage Club as your chosen payment route on page two of the application form (above the money laundering section – please write in the blank space).  You’ll also need to complete the submission sheet:

Submission Sheet

How to contact this lender

Please click on the following link to see the name and contact details of the mortgage manager that covers the area you are located in (not where the property is located) - https://swansea-bs.co.uk/broker-zone/meet-mortgage-managers

Swansea BS was established in 1923 and is currently the 30th largest Building Society out of 44 in the UK.   

What makes us different:

If you are looking for a lender lending in England and Wales with a personal, tailored, common-sense approach to lending with no credit scoring and all cases manually underwritten, we are the lender to speak to. With no credit scoring and all cases manually underwritten, call one of our friendly and experienced mortgage managers to talk through any cases you have to find out what makes our approach to lending different. Our current products can be viewed on Trigold, Mortgage Brain and Twenty7tec

Our USPS are as follows:

USPs: (All applicable to properties in England and Wales unless stated)

  1. Self-employed - We specialise in lending to the self-employed with over 55% of our book in this category. When looking at income, we assess what income can be taken not what is actually taken. We look at retained earnings and happy to add back in one off items. We don’t credit score and manually underwrite all cases. We adopt a personal, tailored and common sense approach to lending with no computer says no mentality. Also, we will lend up to age 75 for self employed and can look at extending this depending on the case.
  2. Lending to Medical Professionals where we can offer enhanced income multiples.
  3. We offer mortgages on small holdings (up to 100 acres) with or without agricultural restrictions / s.106 in place.
  4. Semi – commercial – we can do mortgages on flats above shops even if the shop / flat is on one title.
  5. Holiday let mortgages – we offer holiday let mortgages and will accept AirBnb income. 
  6. Short term bridging – we can do short term bridging at normal residential rates. 
  7. Capital raising – we are happy to capital raise for any legal purpose – pay a tax bill, debt consolidation, buy a second home, invest in a business etc. 
  8. Interest only – as long as there is a credible repayment strategy, we are happy to look at cases on interest only terms. 
  9. Lending in Retirement – we will go up to age 85 for those who are retired / semi-retired and can look at interest only as well.
  10. Lending into retirement – we can go up to age 75.
  11. Self-build / renovation products available in wales / Welsh Border areas (Post codes: BS, GL, HR, WR & SY)

We also have more information at our Swansea for intermediaries web-site which you can find by clicking on the following link = https://swansea-bs.co.uk/broker-zone/swansea-intermediaries

Our intermediary product guide is available at: https://swansea-bs.co.uk/broker-zone/broker-resources

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