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Register to introduce buy-to-let business with West One by submitting your email address here: https://www.westoneloans.co.uk/buy-to-let-mortgages#introducer


Introducer bridging finance business to West One by completing this short form: https://www.westoneloans.co.uk/bridging-loans#introducer


Register now to introduce residential business to West One by submitting your email address here: https://www.westoneloans.co.uk/residential-mortgages#introducer

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

Once logged in and submitting the application you will need to select ‘Legal & General Mortgage Club’ from the dropdown selection tab.

How to contact this lender

Call West One on 0333 123 4556

For buy-to-let enquiries please email btlbrokersupport@westoneloans.co.uk.

To discuss a bridging case please contact sales@westoneloans.co.uk

For Residential enquiries Call the broker support team on 0333 1234556 ‘option 3’ or email brokersupport@westoneloans.co.uk

Who are we

We are a leading provider of specialist mortgages and property finance, helping homeowners, landlords and property investors achieve their financial goals.

Established in 2005, we are proud to have developed a truly integrated portfolio of lending products for the property finance lifecycle.

We have a reputation for our unique approach to credit coupled with our personalised approach to lending. We help homeowners, landlords and property professionals find the right financial solution to deliver a variety of projects and purchases.

What we do

Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Here at West One, we lend on a wide variety of property types to individuals, limited companies, and LLPs, from straightforward residential properties to HMO’s up to 10 beds, MUB’s up to 10 units, flats above commercial, local authority property and holiday lets.


As a leading bridging finance provider since 2007, the West One team have an industry reputation for providing a personalised approach to lending resulting in an extensive portfolio of bridging loans. Our loans are available as first or second charge and have no early repayment charges.


West One offers a comprehensive range of residential mortgage products to borrowers who are unable to obtain a high street mortgage. Such borrowers often have more complex circumstances and could be rejected by other lenders. But here at West One, you’ll find they are more likely to be accepted because of our personal approach to underwriting and willingness to understand their individual circumstances.

Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
Bridging Loans1.5% (capped*)1.4%

* Procuration fee for Bridging Loans capped at 1.5%