Pete's story

Pete video

Find out how Pete’s policy supported him and his family following the diagnosis of a rare form of cancer.

Dave's story

Dave's story video

Dave explains how a pay out on his critical illness cover policy eased the pressure of his prostate cancer diagnosis.

Avril's story

Avril's story video

Find out how their successful claim on their Family and Personal Income Plan helped support Avril after being diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

Heidi's story

Heidi's story video

Heidi’s story looks at her experience of not having cover for a terminal breast cancer diagnosis.

Dean's story

Dean's story video

As the director of a small company, Dean’s stroke had the potential to affect his business. Luckily, he had protection in place.

Liam's story

Liam' s story video

Liam describes how his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis at age of 29 came as a shock to him and his family.

Chris's story

Chris's story video

When Chris passed away, his life insurance pay out helped take care of his wife Kay and daughter Ellie.