Introducing Legal & General Support Services

We want to help look after your clients wellbeing throughout the life time of their policy, that’s why we’ve partnered with RedArc Assured Limited and their registered nurses to extend our suite of six support services benefit across our intermediary products – this includes Life Insurance, Family and Personal Income Plan, Income Protection Benefit, Relevant Life Plan and Business Life Insurance1.

From the day your clients take out their policy, they can call Legal & General Support Service directly to access assistance. This service is available to your client and their immediate family, includes spouse, partner, children living at home.

The suite includes;

Mental health support

Nurse advisers offer long-term support and guidance for mental health conditions. Using their expertise, they are able to identify the most appropriate course of action, and can quickly arrange face-to-face counselling or therapy sessions.

Serious illness, disability or bereavement support

The nurse adviser is there to offer an explanation around treatments, as well as advice on coping during a difficult time. They can also source equipment you might need to make life a little easier

Second Medical Opinion

If your client has concerns about a diagnosis or course of treatment, and wish to get a second medical opinion for peace of mind, a personal nurse adviser can arrange a face-to-face appointment with a UK-based consultant. All recommendations and advice given will be based on treatment available within the UK.

Carer support

It’s important that those individuals caring for a sick or elderly loved one have someone to look after them too. This service provides emotional and practical support specifically for carers.

Help at Home

The days and weeks after being discharged from hospital can be difficult, so extra care and support during the recovery phase is invaluable. A dedicated nurse adviser can provide long-term advice and support over the phone.


This service provides support and advice on how best to keep an elderly relative safe – whether that be living independently or in a residential facility.

Personal nurse advisers at RedArc are highly experienced qualified nurses, each have their own specialist areas of expertise as well as broad general nursing experience. The team has the professional expertise and natural compassion to deliver an innovative service that’s trustworthy, reassuring and highly personalised.