Legal & General’s Claim Charter Commitment

We’ve signed up to The Protection Distributors Group' (PDG) Claim Charter, reinforcing our dedication to delivering the highest standards to customers throughout their claim experience.

The Protection Distributors Group (PDG) want to build trust within the insurance industry. Their purpose is to help families find the protection they need and encourage insurers and intermediaries to deliver better customer outcomes.

One of their campaigns works to ensure customers can expect a minimum standard of service when undergoing a claims process - therefore improving transparency across the industry. 

We’re very pleased to sign up to the Claims Charter – announcing this at our 2020 Business Quality Awards, a day that celebrates best practice and quality business was the ideal setting to share our news. We’ve always been passionate about delivering positive customer outcomes and will continue to ensure our claims process is the best it can be.

The Claims Charter sets the highest of standards, which we meet throughout our claims process:

  • Dedicated claims team.
    We offer several ways to communicate easily with our expert claims team, including telephone call, text and emails. Customers can also choose to receive paperwork correspondence.
  • Regulated decision-making processes.
    Our knowledgeable claims team are fully responsible for accepting and declining potential claims, with strict processes in place.
  • Named point of contact.
    Our claimants are given a point of contact who will support them every step of the way, including the following: 
  • We aim to respond to queries within 24 hours.
  • We provide claimants with regular updates on communication with GPs, Primary Care Support England (PCSE) UK and any other parties involved.
  • We talk to claimants using their preferred method and frequency of communication. We’ll be in touch more often if the claim needs this.  


  • Keeping intermediaries informed.
    We notify intermediaries about claims in our existing business agent hub (OLP Connect). We pass on details about claims being received, admitted, paid, or declined.
  • Funeral Payment Pledge and advance payments.
    We understand the financial challenges many of our bereavement claimants face. As such, we proactively offer a Funeral Payment Pledge, and/or advance payments, to help in situations where external factors delay payment. This only applies to life claims where the monies are going to the estate.
  • Payment within 72 hours.
    Customers can expect to receive payment within 72 hours when their valid claim is approved.


“Making a claim on a Life Insurance or Critical Illness policy is often a difficult and upsetting time in peoples’ lives. What customers really want at the point of claim is certainty, support, and easy access to the information they need. That means delivering a claims process which is both straightforward and respectful.” Craig Brown, Director of Legal & General intermediary


“We are delighted to see Legal & General sign up to the Claims Charter. A smooth and efficient claims process is essential for keeping claimants supported at their time of need. By signing up to the charter, Legal & General has further demonstrated this commitment to their customers.

Our commitment to be a part of the PDG Claim Charter alongside esteemed fellow members gives us a renewed energy to continue delivering the utmost service to customers. As Craig Brown concluded, “Our support of the Claims Charter is formal recognition of our commitment to best helping customers in their time of need.” Alan Knowles, Chair of The Protection Distributors Group