A whole of life policy is designed to give your client cover for the rest of their life and helps your clients protect their wealth and provide for their family when they die.

Our Whole of Life Protection Plan is designed for those who want added comfort of knowing that their family will receive a lump sum after their death. It can be used to protect their family’s lifestyle, living expenses, or to fund inheritance tax liabilities.


Key features and benefits



Options for joint policies

The policy can be set up at outset on joint life first death, or joint life second death basis.

Includes Accidental Death Benefit

Your client is covered while we process their application.

Changing Your Policy option

Allows your client to increase cover on specified events, without further medical questions. Eligibility criteria and restrictions apply.

Waiver of Premium option

For an additional cost, your client won’t have to pay their premium after 26 weeks if they can’t work due to illness or injury.

Protect against inflation

Option to choose increasing cover, which increases in line with the changes in the Retail Prices Index.

Support from Umbrella Benefits

Wellbeing Support

Access included as standard. Personalised practical and emotional telephone support from a registered nurse. Provided by RedArc Assured Limited.

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Product details

For full details, see key documents for the Policy Summary and Policy Terms & Conditions

Cover overview

For full details, download the Product Profiles PDF size: 905KB document

Minimum cover
  • Set by minimum premium
Maximum cover without Increasing Cover option (also known as indexation)
  • Up to age 69 – £5 million
  • Age 70 to 79 – £2 million
  • Age 80 to 84 – £1 million
Maximum cover with Increasing Cover option (also known as indexation)
  • Up to age 70 – £2 million
  • Age 71 to 84 – £1 million
Type of cover
  • Remains the same until a claim is made, unless increasing cover (also known as indexation) is chosen
  • Covers your client for the whole of their life
Minimum age
  • 18 years old. It is possible for a life of another policy to be taken on a 17-year-old by an adult with insurable interest. This policy can be placed in an Absolute Trust with the 17-year-old as the beneficiary
Maximum age
  • 84 years old
  • Guaranteed unless increasing cover option is chosen at outset
Joint life policies
  • The policy can be set up at outset on joint life first death or joint life second death basis if required
  • Policies can be placed in trust
Death in the first year
  • We won’t pay out if the life insured dies within the first year of holding the policy, as a result of suicide or intentional and serious self-injury or an event where, in our reasonable opinion, the life insured took their own life.

Benefits and options

Accidental Death Benefit
Changing your policy (previously known as Guaranteed Insurability Option)
  • Can increase cover on certain specified events, without need for further medical evidence
  • Eligibility criteria and restrictions apply
Other changes
  • Your client can request to make other changes to their policy, but this may result in a new policy being set up
Increasing Cover (also known as indexation)
  • Optional. Cover increases each year in line with changes in the Retail Prices Index (RPI), up to a maximum 10%. If this option is chosen the premium will also increase, using the change in RPI multiplied by two.
Wellbeing Support
  • Access included as standard. Service provided by RedArc Assured Limited
Waiver of Premium
  • Optional. Can be included for an additional cost. Eligibility criteria and restrictions apply.

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