Use Origo's agency services to electronically set up and manage your agency with us and other providers.

Register for an agency

Register for an agency using Origo’s online service to start doing business with us and other providers. You’ll need your business details to hand for your application.

Register for an agency

Help to manage your agency

Once registered, you can manage your agency with us and other providers, updating Origo with changes including address changes, closures or bank account updates.

Manage your agency

Contracts and commission

Our Terms of Business Agreement (“TOBA”) has been updated for the latest regulatory changes, effective from 1 May 2018.

We’ll let you know about any significant changes to these documents here in writing. If the Terms of Business change, we’ll tell you 10 days before you might need to re-sign it. Correspondence will be with your principal firm, so you may be advised via your principal network firm if you are an Appointed Representative.

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Registration services

Get set up for online access to OLP Connect and link your UNIPASS certificate.

Quote and apply with OLP Connect

Submit and track business with our all-in-one pipeline management system.

Service updates

Regulatory updates and information about our products and services.

Get in touch

Need more help? You can contact our Agency Enquiries team with your agency questions including commission and fee payments. or call

0370 900 5010

10.30am to 1pm and 2pm to 3.30pm.

We may record and monitor calls. Call charges will vary.