Scammers are almost always trying to steal your money. And they’re getting better at fooling even the most careful people into sharing their private information. 

We take a look at investment & pensions fraud and equity release scams - and how you can avoid them.

Spotting threats


A robocall is a call that delivers pre-recorded messages through auto-dialing software. 

What to do if I receive a robocall?

  • Never speak. Hang up immediately
  • Never say the word 'yes'
  • Don't follow the instructions or press any numbers.

Blocking a robocall

  • Landlines: Talk to your phone provider for details
  • Mobile phones: Both IOS (Apple) & Android allow you to block calls.
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Misleading domain names

Scammers register domain names that look official but are fake. They do this by:

  • misspelling a letter in the web address
  • or by creating a fake website, that sounds like it's official but isn’t

Unless it is a web domain you recognise and know to be safe, don’t open it. Better still, search online for the correct website. 

If our web address isn’t:

Then it’s not us. Make sure you check the spelling of all web links very carefully.

Report a scam

Something phishy going on?

If you’ve seen, read or heard anything from Legal & General that you think may be fake or a scam, you can report it to the FCA or us

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More help & support

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Be ready, be wary

Find out how to protect yourself from scammers.