You may be contacted by scammers pretending to be Legal & General or pretending to act on our behalf. We are working very hard to stop this.

It is important for you to feel secure when Legal & General are contacting you or when you are contacting us.

Below is some useful information to help you spot the scammers.

Your personal information

Legal & General will never sell your information to any third parties.

We will only share necessary information if there is a reason to do so. Such as if you ask us to, to detect or prevent a crime or if there is benefit to you and your account.

Always make sure it is Legal & General you are talking to.

We will:

Keeping you safe online

Making sure it's us

Worried that a website may be fake, or that the Legal & General website may be a copy made by scammers?

Then look no further.

We have put together a helpful video showing you a few simple things to watch out for.

However, If you are ever concerned by any correspondence you receive by telephone, email or letter – please contact us

The Domains used by Legal and General are:

What does Legal & General look and sound like?

Legal & General will never cold call you. We will only phone you when there is a need to.

But how do you know if the person on the other end of the phone is from Legal & General and not a scammer?

Check out our helpful video that tells you when and how we will contact you.

Report a scam

Something phishy going on?

If you’ve seen, read or heard anything from Legal & General that you think may be fake or a scam, you can report it to the FCA or us

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More help & support

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Be ready, be wary

Find out how to protect yourself from scammers.