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My P60 statement

Why do I need a P60 statement

Why do I need it?

Find out why you receive a P60 and why it’s important to keep it. There are also details on who to contact for more information.

Homes for Ukraine

Legal & General Home Finance are fully supportive of the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme. If you're planning to house Ukrainian refugees, we want to support you in doing that.

There are a few things we need you to be aware of.

  • You will need to continue to live in your property.
  • You cannot charge rent or set up a tenancy agreement to do this.

It's also important you consider whether by providing this support you are still able to afford your household bills and other financial commitments and it doesn’t put you in financial difficulty.

You should also check with your building/contents insurer to see if you need their consent. If you've been approved to participate in the scheme and matched with an individual or family, for now all you need to do is let us know by calling our Customer Service Team on 0333 044 8444.

For more information on the scheme and government guidance visit their site.

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Looking for a financial adviser?

Need a financial adviser?

After you've had free guidance you can speak to a financial adviser who specialise in providing help and recommendations for your pension and retirement planning.

You may need to pay for advice, but in return they'll provide you with a personal recommendation to help you make the right retirement choice. 

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  • Bereavement support

    Bereavement support

    Handling the finances when someone has passed away can be daunting, and far from easy. We'll do everything we can to make it as simple as possible.

    We're here to guide you through each step:

    • How to let us know
    • Which documents you'll need
    • What happens next
    • How to contact us if you need any help.
  • Complaints

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    Let us know something has gone wrong

    We work hard to give you the best possible service but if we've let you down, please tell us. We'll try to make things right as quickly as we can.

  • Stay ahead of scams

    Stay a step ahead of scams

    We'll do everything we can to protect your money, but it's very important for you to stay alert to avoid pension and investment scams. Keep your financial information safe and be careful before entering into an investment.

    If the worst has happened and you’ve been stung by fraud you can contact Action Fraud police for advice or to make a report by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting their website or by calling the police directly by dialling 101.

    Alternatively, before you give out your information, you should make sure its really us by calling 0800 096 6959. Lines are open: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.