Does Home Insurance cover your mobile phone?

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These days, it’s almost impossible to get through life without having access to your mobile phone. And while our Home Insurance might cover Storms, Floods and Theft, does it cover mobile phones too? The answer depends on your chosen policy and the value you place on your phone.

Is my mobile phone covered by Home Insurance?

Just like your other possessions, mobile phones are covered as standard when you buy our Contents Insurance. However, your mobile phone is covered in the home under the contents section of a policy.

If you want to protect your mobile phone while you’re out and about, you’ll need to add Personal Possessions Cover to your Silver or Gold Contents Insurance policy and opt for ‘Cover Away from the Home’, you can select up to £5,000. If you choose this add-on, the most you can claim for each item you carry – including mobile phones – is £5,000.

Your Contents Insurance policy also protects you with up to £10,000 cover for business equipment, including work phones. You’ll also be covered for accidental damage to your mobile phone as standard with our Gold policy and this can be added to the Silver policy for an additional premium. Limitations and exclusions apply.

If the value of your mobile changes – for example, if you buy a new phone on a handset-only deal – you can always contact us and ask to adjust your policy to make sure you’re covered.


Are there any exclusions to mobile phone cover?

Any mobile phone user knows that it’s not just the handset that has value, but also the specific software, photos, videos and documents stored on the device. However, you won’t be covered for any loss or damage resulting from the erasure, distortion, mislaying or misfiling of these elements. 

Nor will you be covered for mobile phone call costs, or direct loss or damage resulting from electronic failure or viruses. As with other personal possessions, you won’t be covered for existing damage that happened before your policy started, nor any loss or damage resulting from your own deliberate acts .

How to keep your mobile phone safe

While it’s true that Home Insurance does cover mobile phones, the truth is that no policy can prevent loss or damage from occurring. Here are some of the ways you can keep your mobile phone secure:

  • Set a PIN or lock screen – this can protect your personal data if your device is stolen.
  • Put your phone in a drawer – this should prevent small children from taking the phone, or pets causing any damage.
  • Conceal your phone when in public – zipped bag compartments or deep trouser pockets will reduce the chances of your phone slipping out or being stolen.

So, does home contents insurance cover mobile phones? Yes, but you may want to assess whether you have the appropriate cover to replace your phone under your Contents Insurance.

If you want protection outside the home, you should get adequate Personal Possessions Cover. One thing’s for sure – it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your device.

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