Smart technology’s now more accessible than ever. There are some great devices that’ll help you feel even safer at home. And because staying safe at home is about more than just security, they can also help you protect and monitor your health.  

Like so much modern tech for older adults, they’re very easy to use. In fact, you can control most of them from your smartphone. And it’s not just about looking after yourself. If you have a friend or relative who’s receiving care, they can help you make sure they’re safe at home, in between visits.

Smart home tech can provide so many extra levels of security. It’s just one of the many later life care steps you can take to look after your loved ones, or even yourself.

Do you feel safe at home?  

From time to time we’ve all been worried about the security of our homes, or about injuring ourselves. Common concerns include:

  • Feeling isolated – Living alone can often make us feel isolated from others, especially when we’re responsible for looking after the home alone.
  • Peace of mind – Maybe you think your front or back door would benefit from an alarm, or are worried that the pathway outside is too dark at night and could use some automatic lights.
  • Accidents happen – Slips, trips and falls when home alone may be a concern for some of us, and with no-one around it could be even more of a worry.

Why’s not feeling safe at home so bad for you?

We’re here to help our people have their best possible retirements. Not feeling safe in your own home is the opposite of that. Taking steps to feel safer in your home can help you:

  • Get a good night’s sleep – Not feeling safe at home, or worrying about a loved one on their own, can keep you up at night.
  • Feel less stressed – Your retirement shouldn’t be spent worrying about feeling unsafe at home. Especially as stress can lead to irritability, difficulty concentrating, and struggling to enjoy things you usually would.
  • Get out and about more – Making sure you have the right security for your home makes it easier to lock up and leave, and helps you enjoy yourself more once you’re out and about.
  • Just feel more relaxed – Getting rid of those niggling doubts about your own safety, or that of a loved one, will help you properly enjoy your relaxation time.

How to feel safe at home with tech for older adults 

Smart home tech can help in lots of ways. From discreet security cameras to lighting you can trigger remotely, these are just a few changes you can make towards staying safe at home.

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Video doorbell

These innovative doorbells allow you to see who’s outside, through a camera. Simply download an app to view it from your smartphone or tablet. You can set it to alert you when there’s movement outside your door – handy for when you’re out of the house or in the back garden.

Security camera

A battery-powered security camera constantly records its surroundings and sends video alerts straight to your smartphone when triggered by movement. You can place the camera inside or outside your home, and view the live footage whenever you like. Some animal owners use their cameras to see what their pets get up to while they’re away.

Smart security lighting

These include motion sensor, floodlights and solar lights, to illuminate the outside of your home when it gets dark. Control the lights yourself, or have the sensor detect movement outside the house to activate them. This is especially useful if you’re coming home after dark.

Smart home security systems

Triggered by sound and movement in your home, you’ll receive a notification to your phone or tablet, and can log in to view live footage. Many include the option to sound an alarm, warding off intruders. A handy reassurance for when you’re out of town.

Smart door lock

Ever left the house and can’t remember whether you locked up properly? Maybe you’ve forgotten your keys? With smart door locks, you can control your locks with your smartphone or a key tag. It uses wireless technology to control your door locks when you’re at home or when you’re out.

Using smart technology to look after our health

It’s not just our homes that we can make safer using smart wearable technology. There are lots of ways that we can monitor our health at home using innovative products, that give us a better understanding of our health.   

Wireless Gluco-Monitoring system

This wireless device connects to an app on your smartphone to help manage diabetes. It can take readings through a glucometer, and presents them in digital colour-coded charts and graphs in the app.

Wireless blood pressure monitor

This clinically validated smart device allows you to track and manage your blood pressure. The device measures heart rate and blood pressure with its digital stethoscope and electrocardiogram. It also provides instant updates and a full history of your health on the smartphone app. Ideal to monitor your blood pressure between doctor’s appointments.

Sleep aid device for adults

There are lots of sleep aid devices out there for adults. The best ones typically track your sleeping patterns with a sensor, to help you improve the way you sleep. Most let you set goals, and send you tips for a better night’s sleep.

Smart bra

The future’s only getting smarter! An innovative smart bra was recently designed at MIT. It doubles as a heart monitor and picks up on potential symptoms of heart disease, which can often go unnoticed. The project has received funding and could be on the market in the next few years.

Staying safe at home is easier with smart technology

If you want all the benefits of feeling even safer at home, it might be time to invest in smart home technology. Staying safe at home is much easier these days, thanks to security lighting and cameras, along with sleep aid devices and blood pressure monitors all connected to your phone. Relatives caring for retired loved ones living at home alone can also rest easier, thanks to these devices.

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