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Martketing tool kit: Remortgage

To help you make the most of the bumper year for remortgage we’ve developed five remortgage marketing tool kits.

Utilising the findings of our recent consumer research, each tool kit provides a suite of social media posts for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram along with some email copy.

These assets are generic in nature and aren’t intended to look like they came from Legal & General, so please feel free to add your own personality and tone of voice when using them.

Each message also has some graphics (sized correctly for each social platform) to bring the messages to life, but again please feel free to use your own imagery.

We hope you find the tool kits helpful and look out for more on this page over the coming weeks.


  1. Toolkit 1 - Stay or switch

    Our research uncovered that over half of respondents are likely to stay with their current lender when remortgaging due to trust and thinking they will get a better deal.

    This tool kit has been developed to let consumers know that with the help of an adviser, they might be able to get a better deal.

    Download toolkit
  2. Toolkit 2 - Advice before remortgaging

    This tool kit promotes the value in seeking advice before remortgaging and looks to explain how you as an adviser can help/add value.

    Download toolkit
  3. Toolkit 3 - The disadvantages of staying on a Standard Variable Rate

    With our research uncovering that 41% of respondents were considering staying on their SVR instead of remortgaging, this tool kit is designed to promote the cost implications and how you as an adviser can help reduce those costs.

    Download toolkit
  4. Toolkit 4 – Don’t Just think about rate

    63% of respondents in our survey told us when switching products, interest rates was the most important factor.  This tool kit is designed to promote the importance of considering more than just rates when remortgaging, and how you as their adviser can help them consider all their needs to get the right product.

    Download toolkit
  5. Toolkit 5 – Life priorities

    This tool kit centres on how a lot can change in 2, 3 or 5 years and how enlisting you as their advisers, can really help them factor those possible upcoming changes when remortgaging and considering their options.

    It also pulls out the reasons our survey uncovered as to why people are considering additional borrowing on their mortgage right now, again positioning how you as an adviser can help.

    Download toolkit