Later life divorce is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, one in three divorces occur after the age of 50.

Divorce can have a huge effect on a couple’s finances, especially as they approach retirement. It’s a critical time for advisers to support clients with good financial planning and sensitive advice to help them minimise financial risk and reach a fresh start.

We know divorce can be a complex subject to tackle, so we’ve worked with industry experts to create resources to support you on your advice journey.

Divorce in later life: The experts handbook

Help your clients navigate a smoother, more equitable divorce using our research, assessment of solutions and insights from industry professionals.

Divorce handbook

Later life divorce – A roadmap for advisers

Watch on demand for our later life divorce webinar. We were joined by a panel of industry experts, where we discussed the latest insights and trends in later life divorce.

Just Covered Podcast

Fiona Tait and Manjit Kaur joined us for our divorce special podcast.

We discuss the value of financial advice, how to recognise financial blind spots during the process and the importance of broadening your network.

So grab yourself a cuppa and listen in..