Business protection calculators

Relevant Life Plan calculator

Calculate the potential saving for your clients if they pay for life cover through a Relevant Life Plan, compared to a non-Relevant Life Plan.


Decreasing term calculator

See how much your clients could receive in the event of a claim.



 XLSX file: Download decreasing term calculatorXLSXsize: 115 KB

Business value calculator

Assess the potential value of a business and the potential total amount of cover needed.



 XLS file: Download business value calculatorXLSsize: 101 KB

Key person calculator

Work out the value of a key person and the amount of cover needed in the event of their critical illness or death.


 XLS file: Download key person calculatorXLSsize: 101 KB

Executive Income Protection calculator

Work out the maximum cover levels for executive and personal income protection, and compare the costs.

 XLSX file: Download executive income protection calculatorXLSXsize: 178 KB

Premium equalisation calculator

Use to even out differences in premiums between partners/shareholders, usually due to differences in health and age.

 XLS file: Download premium equalisation calculatorXLSsize: 96 KB

Business protection trusts tool

Use if your client's premiums are in arrears or their direct debit has been returned. Just input their policy number and account details.