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Who we are

We are Affirmative Finance Ltd, we are a mainstay lender in the short-term finance market with 19 years’ worth of experience. We have provided bridging and development loans that have helped many property developers, property investors, self-build enthusiasts, financial intermediaries, and many other businesses and individuals when they needed it most. Fully authorised and regulated by the FCA, operating in the residential, semi-commercial and commercial arena, specialising in self-build, barn conversions, auction finance etc. With our own in-house dedicated legal team, time sensitive cases are not an issue.

What we do

We can lend on both a regulated & non-regulated basis, which means that we can help clients looking to buy, self-build or renovate a home for themselves or family to live in. We work closely with investors purchasing properties that may be deemed unfit for mortgage purposes, offering funds for the purchase and enhancement of the property. We specialise in auctions, even arranging funding for client’s pre-auction in many cases. Barn conversions became a speciality during lockdown, we now see ourselves as the market leaders.
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