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Who we are

Gen H is a residential mortgage lender on a mission to transform the housing market. That’s why our mortgages are designed to support more of your clients – not just the ones that fit into a narrow box.

Whether your clients are first-time buyers, home movers or remortgagers, we’re here to help them find their place on the ladder. And if your clients need a little boost, we’ve got their backs with flexible, innovative affordability tools like our income booster, deposit booster and dynamic ownership features.

And now, you can streamline your client’s homebuying experience with Gen H Legal, our dedicated legal firm. Gen H and Gen H Legal is the UK’s first lender-conveyancer duo, working at arm’s length but in harmony to get your clients into their home sooner.

Clients facing affordability or deposit challenges? Read more about our innovative features below.

What we do

Income boosters are relatives that help buyers borrow more by adding their income to the mortgage. It’s our spin on a JBSP mortgage. Boosters can contribute to the monthly payments and build their own stake in the property or stay on standby without making payments.

Clients can split things fairly with dynamic ownership powered by the Gen H home agreement. Clients can dynamically track their own equity in the property using their Gen H dashboard. The agreement also provides robust legal protection to each borrower. It’s a real-time alternative to a traditional Deed of Trust.

Deposit boosters are friends or family that help with the deposit in return for a financial interest in the property, the smart alternative to gifting. They can contribute up to 100% of the deposit and don’t have to be a UK resident to lend a hand.


  • Max age 85 and the ability to extend the term by releasing income boosters early using the Gen H ejector seat
  • New build houses up to 90% LTV
  • New build flats up to 80% LTV
  • Up to 6 applicants on a mortgage
  • Up to 5.5x LTI on JBSP up to 85% LTV

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