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How to register with this lender as a new user

To register with us for Lifetime Mortgages and Retirement Interest Only Mortgage, visit the Later Life Mortgage Portal and follow the registration process.

We'll then carry out two checks:

  1. Check the firm has the correct permissions registered on the FCA register.
  2. Seek the written approval from either the principal of the firm, a director or compliance officer that the individual in question is qualified and authorised. If the firm is an AR we will seek the approval of their principal network.

Once these checks have been completed, you'll be set up with access to our online services.

How to add Mortgage Club as a payment route with this lender

When submitting an application to the lender it will ask you to nominate your payment route. You need to ensure that you select Legal & General Mortgage Club from the options provided in the drop down box.

How to contact this lender

Call us on 03330 048444 for more information about our products and support.

We may record and monitor calls. Call charges will vary.

Alternatively, email us:

Lifetime Mortgages -

Retirement Interest Only Mortgage -

If you’re contacting us by email please remember not to send any personal, financial or banking information because email is not a secure method of communication.

Who are we?

Legal & General Home Finance is leading innovation across the later life market to help people enjoy a more colourful retirement. Since 2015, we've lent over £6.52 billion and helped over 115,000 customers get a later life mortgage, by developing customer-led solutions that offer flexibility and choice.

Legal & General Home Finance is part of the Legal & General Group. Established in 1836, Legal & General is one of the UK's leading financial services groups and a major global investor, with almost £1.2 trillion in total assets under management at 31 December 2022.

What we do

We’re committed to helping advisers understand the role that later life lending can play in helping clients achieve their financial objectives and a more colourful retirement.

Retirement Interest Only Mortgage (RIO)

Our RIO is an interest-only mortgage with a fixed interest rate for life. If your client’s existing interest-only mortgage is coming to an end, they could use our RIO mortgage to pay the outstanding balance and stay in the home they love. It’s important to note that clients must make monthly interest payments. As a last resort, your client’s home may be repossessed if they do not keep up with payments.

Could a RIO mortgage be right for your client? Visit our website to find our useful affordability calculator, templates, resources and more.

Lifetime Mortgages

Our Interest Roll Up and Optional Payment Lifetime Mortgages both come with standard features that can help your clients, including accessing tax-free cash, no affordability checks, and interest rates fixed for the length of the loan. A lifetime mortgage is a form of equity release secured against your client’s home.

Our Payment Term Lifetime Mortgage is a type of equity release available from the age of 50, this mortgage comes with standard features that can help your clients, including accessing tax-free cash and a fixed interest rate. Customers pay off the interest on a monthly basis for a pre-agreed payment term. For joint borrowers, at least one of the borrowers must be in paid employment. As a last resort, your client's home may be repossessed if they do not keep up with payments.

To advise a lifetime mortgage, you'll need an additional ER1 qualification.

Visit our comparison guide to find out the key differences between our three Lifetime Mortgages to see which best suits your client’s needs.

Fee received from lender
(Gross fee)
We'll pay you
(Net fee)
All Lifetime Mortgages3.000% (min £525, max £20,000)2.850% (min £500, max £20,000)
Further Drawdown1.500% (min £0, max £20,000)1.500% (min £0, max £20,000)
Retirement Interest Only Mortgage0.550%0.500%