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Who we are

People in our industry talk about ‘specialist lending’. And sure, technically that’s what we do, but ‘specialist’ isn’t how we see ourselves. Ditch the industry chat and our business is simple — it’s just lending for real life.

And real life isn’t all nine to five. There are self-employed people out there, folks who make a living as landlords, people who have maybe been through some tough times, or who have the odd gremlin on their credit report. You know, real people. Which brings us back to what we do.

What we do

We’re all about the square pegs and the sore thumbs. And that’s why we lend to:

  • The self-employed — if they’re working for themselves, we’re working for them. We take applications after one year’s trading, and certified accounts, SA302s or tax calculations with corresponding overviews as proof of income.
  • Buy-to-letters, because we love go-getters! We take applications from individuals, limited companies, portfolio, corporate and private landlords — and expats.
  • People whose incomes are more complex than a standard salary. It’s only sums, after all — we just add up income from all acceptable sources, including shift and contract working, additional jobs, benefits and maintenance payments.
  • People with less-than-perfect credit history. Because we can recognise a blip for what it is. So where a computer would automatically say no, we can look at the whole picture.
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