Thank you for providing further information regarding your transfer, we’ll be in contact within five working days.

Are you the member who is transfering their pension?

Did someone advise or recommend that you consider a pension transfer?
Were you first approached by email, text, phone call, letter or through social media (for example Facebook or LinkedIn) or in person?
Were you expecting the contact?
Was the person known to you, for example your employer or someone working for the scheme, or an alternative pension scheme?
Did you give prior consent for them to contact you, for example, through an online contact form?
Did you search or make your own enquiries about the alternative pension scheme?
Do you know them?
Have you received financial advice in respect of your transfer?
Are you working with a financial adviser or firm based outside the UK?

Have you been promised or offered any of the following?
Were you put under pressure to make a quick decision about your pension transfer?
Were any of the following tactics used by your adviser or new provider?
Were you expecting the contact?

Are you aware of how your money will be invested?

Knowing where your funds will be invested can help us assess if there are any higher risks associated with your transfer. We would recommend that you look into this information.

Please name any funds that you or your adviser have selected.

Have you been promised a specific or guaranteed rate of return once you transfer?
Have you been provided with any written information about the investments, rate of return or what the fee structure will be?
Will any of your pension be invested overseas?
Would you consider any of the investments to be high risk?

High risk investments might be things like gold bullion, overseas property and cryptocurrency

Are any of your proposed investments subject to an exit penalty to access or transfer them?

Are you fully aware of the costs and charges for your new arrangement?

There can be many types of charges that apply to financial services products. It’s good to know what charges will apply to your new product so you can make informed decisions on how your pension is performing.

Are there fees to join the investment?

This can be a fixed fee or a percentage of the total sum invested

Are there any other charges that can apply to your savings?


Please confirm that you've completed the form and that the answers are true to the best of your knowledge.