If there are dreams you want to fulfil later in life, or you’d like an active lifestyle in retirement, how can you make sure you stay healthy and physically fit to achieve it all? Our bodies are always changing, and managing the psychological aspects of different life stages is essential too. 

In episode four of our new podcast series, find out how two unique retirees, Peter & Jill, have achieved this. Jill’s a former teacher with bundles of energy who eased her way into retirement with part-time work, and bought a Sprocker Spaniel to keep pace with her running hobby. 

Peter’s also a keen runner and he explains how pursuing an art degree fulfilled him in ways his careers in engineering and journalism hadn’t. He tells us his three pillars for staying mentally and physically happy and healthy in retirement. 

Angellica chats to health coach Susan Saunders who’s on a mission to inspire you to find your own unique version of a happy retirement and ageing well. Hear her advice for finding your way through the mixed messaging of wellness. 

However you’re approaching a happy and healthy retirement, ensuring you include financial planning in the mix is a must. Emma Byron, Managing Director of Retirement Solutions at
Legal & General, shares her expert ideas and financially savvy suggestions. 

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