Most of us have questions and concerns about making the move from work to retirement. If you’re LGBT+, it can be especially difficult to see yourself in retirement because of a lack of representation. Fears of discrimination or isolation in later life are often a real worry for many LGBT+ people.

In episode five, Angellica meets two more inspirational individuals who share their words of wisdom on retirement, and talk candidly about how their lives have been different as LGBT+ people. She’s also joined by Matthew Riley from Tonic Housing and Legal & General’s Meg Dickens, Marketing Director of Retail Retirement. They talk about why it’s important to challenge prejudice and provide support and community to help everyone have a happy and secure retirement.

Patrick explains how his pension and retirement plans changed when he came out as he approached his 40s. As a father of two, he and his ex-wife worked out their separate paths and Patrick had to re-think his finances to fund his later life. He shares how he found a community he loves and has thrown himself into fun and fulfilling activities, from charity work to line-dancing, skydiving and white water rafting.

Next Angellica chats to the active Annie, who plans to tour all of London’s lidos after the pandemic! Annie talks about her exciting youth in Stoke Newington and explains why she’s returned to live there now she’s older. She also reflects upon the experiences of lesbian friends who have led different journeys towards retirement age and all have different financial situations.


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