To kick off the new series, Angellica Bell will be chatting to people who have embraced the chance to fulfil passions and meaningful projects after the day job has ended.

Throughout our working lives, many of us are defined by what we do. We talk about it at parties or when we meet new people. We plan our holidays and schedule life around our day job. So when we retire that can leave quite a hole in the identity we present to the world.

In this episode we hear from Nigel, a former university academic who wanted to use his experience to make meaningful change to the lives of people in his community. Nigel explains how pursuing this path has been satisfying for him and helped him meet new people in retirement.

And there’s creative powerhouse Rosetta, a lifelong artist who runs a sustainable development project with her husband in Gambia, in addition to many other pursuits. She explains how she splits her time between her two homes and why retirement means ‘FREEDOM’ to her!

Helen Cathcart, Founder of Bolder, a website to empower us all in growing older, and Legal & General’s Andrew Kail share their thoughts on some practical steps you can take to plan for your retirement dreams.





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Helen Cathcart’s book, Bolder: Life lessons from people older and wiser than you is available now on Amazon