Whether you’ve been putting off that round the world trip in favour of work deadlines, saving your pennies to help the kids out, or just never had enough time to plan for that dream trip – retirement might seem like the perfect time to travel.

In episode three of our new podcast series, Angellica meets two energetic retirees who are exploring the world by plane, train – and on the back of a Harley Davidson.

Elizabeth has braved the freezing temperatures of the Arctic and basked in the warm temperatures of the Mediterranean on her travels. She shares stories of snorkelling, snowmobiles and the next big trip she has planned.

Next we meet June, who has been truly bitten by the travel bug. She takes us on a globetrotting tour with her travel stories, from the minute she picked up her backpack and set off to India for four months to her latest adventures up the Thames on a narrowboat.

Angellica also chats to travel journalist Mark Hodson, Editor and Co-founder of 101 Holidays, and Legal & General’s Claire Singleton, to gain their insight into how best to plan your travel adventures in later life.

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