06 April 2024

A lot of people ask us about pensions. Many of them are people who are just starting out on their pension journey. We find that they often ask about the same pension myths. So we’ve put together this article to bust the top ten ones.

We want to show you:

  • why pensions are so important
  • what to think about when you think about pensions
  • how small, simple pension saving changes just now could have a big impact later on

And because we like to make our pension guides as helpful as possible, we’ve busted two bonus myths too!

The pension basics

Think you can’t get a pension? Think again!

Self-employed and want to start saving?

A Personal Pension is a flexible and tax-efficient way to save for your long-term future. The government tops it up by 25% and you can start and stop payments whenever you need to.

Your pension pot will go up and down in value. 

Pension saving on a budget

Alternatives to workplace and personal pensions

Your two bonus retirement goals myths

Are pensions worth it?

The cost of living crisis has made many of us focus on our short and mid-term financial security. But paying into a pension is an action you can take right now that helps secure your long term finances. And when you do it, you’re likely to get help from your employer, the government or both.

That’s why we always say yes. Pensions are always worth considering.

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